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Create custom SharePoint apps and publish them in the Office Store
Orchestrate your workflows with the new Workflow Manager 1.0
Access and manage your SharePoint data with the REST APIs
Federate SharePoint with Windows Azure Access Control Services
Customize your SharePoint 2013 UI for a better user experience
Gain a thorough understanding of authentication and authorization

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting started
Chapter 1. Microsoft SharePoint 2013: A quick tour
Chapter 2. SharePoint data fundamentals

Part II: Developing SharePoint Solutions
Chapter 3. Data provisioning
Chapter 4. SharePoint features and solutions
Chapter 5. Server Object Model
Chapter 6. LINQ to SharePoint
Chapter 7. Client-side technologies

Part III: Developing SharePoint apps
Chapter 8. SharePoint apps
Chapter 9. The new SharePoint REST API
Chapter 10. Remote event receivers

Part IV: Extending SharePoint
Chapter 11. Developing Web Parts
Chapter 12. Customizing the UI
Chapter 13. Web templates
Chapter 14. Business Connectivity Services

Part V: Developing workflows
Chapter 15. Windows Workflow Foundation
Chapter 16. SharePoint workflow fundamentals
Chapter 17. Developing workflows
Chapter 18. Advanced workflows

Part VI: Security infrastructure
Chapter 19. Authentication and authorization infrastructure
Chapter 20. Claims-based authentication, federated identities, and OAuth

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Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ebook pdf

Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ebook pdf

Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012 PDF Ebook

Your essential guide to key programming features in Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012
Take your database programming skills to a new level—and build customized applications using the developer tools introduced with SQL Server 2012. This hands-on reference shows you how to design, test, and deploy SQL Server databases through tutorials, practical examples, and code samples. If you’re an experienced SQL Server developer, this book is a must-read for learning how to design and build effective SQL Server 2012 applications.

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Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ebook pdf

Acrobatic Sex Positions Ebook PDF

Acrobatic Sex Positions Ebook PDF

Acrobatic Sex Positions Ebook PDF

Acrobatic Sex Positions brings exciting twists and turns to 69 sex positions so wild you almost won't believe them. Not for the timid, these positions challenge flexibility and stamina and will get readers head over heels—as well as sideways and upside down—to facilitate deep penetration, hit multiple hot spots, and yield amazing orgasms.

- Stairway to Heaven: A sexy intercourse position where she stands one step above him on the staircase. He enters her from behind and lifts and folds her legs back and around his waist giving her amazing G-spot stimulation.

- Over the Rainbow: His palms and feet are flat on the floor with his body arched. She is draped over his body, her back following the same bend as his, her feet resting on his chest. From the side, their bodies form an arc-shaped rainbow. The rush of blood to the head makes this demanding position even more thrilling and intense.

- The Pretzel: He stands upright, and penetrates her in rear-entry position. He supports her waist while she pushes her arms back and raises her legs until she can grasp her ankles with her hands, as in the bow yoga position. Once she's in place, the grip of her thighs should be enough to support her. He can keep one arm wrapped around her waist for added support; the other is free to stimulate her breasts and clitoris. The ultra-tight penetration means more stimulation for him and an ultimate filled-up feeling for her.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Playboy Magazine cZech April 2010

Playboy Magazine cZech April 2010

Playboy Magazine cZech April 2010

Format: PDF
Country: Czech
Size:61,91 MB

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Playboy Magazine cZech April 2010

Windows PowerShell 3.0 ebook pdf download

Windows PowerShell 3.0 ebook pdf download

Your hands-on, step-by-step guide to automating Windows administration with Windows PowerShell 3.0
Teach yourself the fundamentals of Windows PowerShell 3.0 command line interface and scripting language-one step at a time. Written by a leading scripting expert, this practical tutorial delivers learn-by-doing exercises, timesaving tips, and hands-on sample scripts for performing administrative tasks on both local and remote Windows systems. 

+, Use built-in cmdlets to execute commands
+, Write scripts to handle recurring tasks
+, Use providers to access information beyond the shell environment
+, Configure network components with Windows Management Instrumentation
+, Manage users, groups, and computers with Active Directory services
+, Execute scripts to administer and troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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Windows Power shell 3.3 Ebook PDF downoad Free

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